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Alien hurts arm, comic on hold

Created Thu 2 Apr 09 - 11:00 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

UPDATE: The pain got worse so we went to the hospital. Nothing is broken but she has a severe .. uhm .. "kneuzing" not sure what the word is in english, and she will be out and in pain for at least a week :(

Alien has fallen of her bike and hurt her right arm making it impossible for her to draw comic until it improves. We ran out of buffer due to other reasons earlier so that means no comic for now.

We're very sorry about this, but hey, at least we kept up the schedule quite long?

P.S. Those looking for our rather weak april's fools joke can find it here.


WinterbayOuch! Get well soon, we will be here waiting for you when you're ready to draw again (well at least I will...).
ZelphieOh no! Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon!
X-KalYikes! Please, get well! The comic can always wait, your health can't!
X-KalBy the way, I totally fell for that!!! It took me a few minutes trying, then I reluctantly clicked the spoiler link (because I was convinced I couldn't do magic eye pictures online), then found out. Siiiiigh!
we will wait for you guys till you are fine again

on another note, i have seen worse april fools jokes yesterday
FlightmareHello, I have been reading the comic for quite some time now, and despite Mithandir's protests as to it's "weak storyline", I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent reading it and am especialy appreciative of it's good, CLEAN humor. I urge you, Mithandir and Alien, do not lose faith in yourselves. there are many out here who adore Chasing the Sunset with you. I wish Alien a speedy recovery. Fare thee well.
bluemeadowsHi guys, sorry about your arm alien, get well soon ok, dont push your self to get better quickly *HUG* your health is much more importent then updates, btw i really think the comic is getting better and better so relax and enjoy the break!
PulsyBikes are devilish contraptions, i always knew it! No car here so i do everything by bike too. It's been a while since i had a big crash (*knock on wood*), but last time it took over 2 months for my knee to heal...

Anyway, take it easy, we're loyal fans, we'll just sit and wait here, cheering you on to get better, no matter how long it takes. :)
SnowbodyMy guess is "Contusion" (medical term) or "Bone bruise" (common term)
hkmalybluemeadows: What do you mean? Even if we only wanted updates we would want the great art with lots of details as the previous comics and not some rushed "it hurts to draw" ones. As X-Kal said, the comic can wait. It's not the frequency of updates, but a quality of them why we like this comic so much.
bluemeadowshkmaly: i am just trying to show support :-) sorry if it came out wrong :-)
LeeJust adding my support here. Take whatever time you need to get well. I'm just glad it wasn't anything more serious.
hkmalybluemeadows: Ditto :-).
NightDancerI hope you feel better soon Alien.
RothakI happen to agree withevreyone here, I am a new reader. Life happens. I agree with Flightmare, I don't think the storyline is weak, and it is nice to have a good clean comic to read. I was involved in a hit-and run on a bike last year, so I understand the pain that can come from that. Don't push yourself Alien. Get feeling better first. We'll be waiting.
RocksMapsandCraftsI was gonna guess "bone bruise" too. I had one on my shin years ago and the pain didn't last too long so here's hoping you're not in pain long! Though, I do still have a small lump on my shin - but it doesn't hurt so it's no biggee. I hope your arm heals quickly - not just cuz I love the comic (I don't think the storyline is weak either!), but I'm sure much of the rest of your life is on hold with an injury like that. Take care and feel better! We'll be here waiting when you're up to drawing again. :)

Kneuzing = Sprain. At least from what you described.
SabreurGet well soon, and thanks for letting us know what's going on.
Nebra ReppalkSorry, sorry, I've been out of it. Research papers this semester. And it appears I'm not done yet. Sorry about Alien's arm. Get well soon, and don't worry I don't blame you.

Not that I'd blame anyone...

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