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How are you reading us?

Created Mon 21 Mar 16 - 2:47 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Hey all,

I'm currently pondering refreshing the site design, because the current design is from 2006 (with an update in 2009) and a fair few things have changed in the meantime.

Back then, there were no tablets, so the site doesn't really support those. Features like the magnifying glass and the "appearing in this strip" thingy currently don't work at all on tablets.

To help us out, please let us know how you read our site:

Desktop/Laptop PC/Apple
7" Tablet
10" Tablet
Other (say in comments)


PulsySo far it looks like most readers are rather oldschool :)
IrishDrinkerI do on occasion use a phone... but 99% of the time its a desktop. Also, wish I could use Pixievision...
MithandirIt's curious though, because we get a fair few people coming in from
MadeleineI'm sorry I didn't comment earlier, but I was thrilled to see your return. Really, I visited the site a couple times during the hiatus, wondered and worried a little about you!

I'm one of the "phone" and I can read it well enough - even write this comment! (And I can use my laptop if I care to.) Please don't worry about redesign on my behalf. :)
KairuNicoI voted Mac, but I also have a 7" tablet.
CanterrainI primarily read from my Surface Pro 3, which is a touch tablet technically. But I'm usually in desktop mode, mouse and keyboard and the functions you mention work correctly. So I marked desktop in the poll.
SashaI mostly read on laptop with Win7, but occasionally on 10"tablet. I just wait until I can get back on the computer to use the magnifier.
MsDracaIf I'm at home I use a laptop PC but when I'm away and have a connection I use my phone.
FirelanderI mostly use my PC but please tell us more about that pixievision
JoannaI usually use my desktop, but would love to be able to read it on my phone as well. :)
IvellI tend to first read it on my phone, via facebook then when I get home I read it on the desktop to get the better view