The Walls Have Ears
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Violence is not the answer.... usually

Odo says:

And better observation almost always is the answer.
(Unless it's a trap.)

Baldric says:

There's no problem you cannot fix with a big enough threat.

I really like the maze's architecture !

Black Mantha says:

A maze, specters all around, "GO" in blocky letters...

If Pac-man doesn't show up, I'm going to be disappointed.

Pulsy says:

a giant statue of a minotaur there... a maze ... a suggestion for a long thread ... this is sounding very familiar :)

Lee says:

Whoops, there's a typo. "Rights turns".

Mithandir says:

A typo? Or a social commentary on the ever-changing, twisting and turning of people's rights and ... no, probably a typo.

Nebra Reppalk says:

"There is no problem that cannot be solved without the correct application of force."

And I'll just remind you all that force here can be anything from driving a tank straight on through to manipulating world economies. Sometimes just the threat of force is sufficient to solve the problem.

Winterbay says:

Bye bye poor bricks, I'm going to miss not seeing you again after having seen you this one time :)

Elystriana says:

lol, I saw the last panel and immediately started cracking up laughing.

Skreyola says:

Odo: I believe the word and arrow appeared in response to Ayne's threat to do some forceful 'remodeling'. :) Notice in the previous panel that the pattern is diagonal lines with no words.

Starbo says:

XD I love Ayne so much. She's big, she's scary, she can force a who-knows-how-old labrythin into giving up its secrets!

I don't post comments often enough, so I just want to say that I love this comic! :)

cavalier vert says:

*snerk* Of course they change your markings! Hasn't any one ever heard of Labyrinth?

Odo says:

Skreyola -- Yeah, I just came back to look at it again, and noticed that. I was going to comment on it when I saw you already had. Just goes to show how subtle this comic is. Love it.

hkmaly says:

As you see, too much inteligence is a bad thing for guarding duty.

Pulsy says:

I do wonder if the bricks changed places, or simply changed colors to spell out that word...

Tonic says:

I love all the assumptions that the building is acting against them. Leaf ses a four way intersection and suddenly space and direction are meaningless.

Sacrianna says:

You must love the maze's sense of self preservation.

InBetween says:

do wounder how she was going to break trough the walls, it's harder than most peopel tend to realise...and the don't even have a sleadghamer...

Law says:

Lae says:

How come Leaf still has Malvenicus' staff?

-Norbert- says:

Maybe the walls only heard how powerfull dragons are, but never met one and thus didn't know that Myhrad is only a dragling.
Or they were simply scared of Aynes face...

megaparsecs says:

I love the changes in the lighting in the maze- impressive laterns hanging from majestic stone bull's nose rings to lightbulbs dangling from a single piece of wire. I don;t think Malvenicus takes very good care of his labyrinth.

Wereling says:

You know, the walls might be trying to lead them into a trap. That's what I'd do if someone threatened me and then was dumb enough to trust me.

Black Mantha says:

Hm. It still works if there are loops, only you need the goal to be on the edge of the maze. But regardless, you need the maze to be flat; only grade-level intersections, no wrap-around. But even if you don't find the exit in this way, it will still prevent you from getting lost.

Osk says:

"go" reminds me of a game board... are they in a giant monopoly board?

hkmaly says:

Black Mantha: Most importantly, it only works if maze doesn't change. Which magic mazes traditionally do. Also, magic mazes usually don't limit itselfs to threedimensional topology.

Katkinkate says:

The lantern hanging from the minator statue's nose ring looks like a big booger.

Nebra Reppalk says:

hkmaly: So the best solution with this magical maze would still be to create your own path through it?

TheNextTaggerung says:

Ew. Just ew.

hkmaly says:

Nebra Reppalk: Might not work either in cases the maze is not in fact composed only of walls (that is, if the topology i
s so complicated that the maze is hard even after you blow up all walls). I would say there is no universal solution for
magical mazes. You need to analyze properties of specific maze and adapt.

Also, its good idea to have a backup method for returning to start. Some teleport or dimension-crossing spell. That way
you don't solve the maze, but at least will live ...

Damn. This is third time I'm trying to post this ... something broken ?

-Norbert- says:

Nebra: I guess the best ways would be to either avoid going in there in the first place, or find a wizard who knows how the maze works exactly.
But if neither is an option, blowing up the walls might help, unless they can reconstruct themselfs that is....
A compass might also be helpful.

Pulsy says:

The best solution would likely be a magical map that shows the current layout and changes along with the maze.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I still say this is the most efficient way to bypass ANY maze.

InBetween says:

do you know where i can download a subed version of the series?

Nebra Reppalk says:

InBetween: The series is currently licensed in the United States, so I don't know where you'd find online, usually they take shows offline when they get licensed. This particular clip is from Magical Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, which is the last incarnation of the series, with two previous versions. (I haven't seen it myself, I just heard about it from a friend) If you're wondering what happened in that scene, it's pretty obvious but basically the big bad's surprised the heroine found her. The big bad comforts herself with the thought that she's inside the center of her base with a maze of corridors, attack drones, and traps between herself and the heroine. And then she remembers the heroine's super beam attack...

Nebra Reppalk says:

InBetween: According to my friend you can still get the torrents for this particular series (which is apparently the third season) still on AnimeSuki.

Neko says:

Lol, nice. Ayne can always force answers out of anything, even the wall in a labyrinth!

InBetween says:


hkmaly says:

Nebra: First, they DID first search the maze by other way to get location to target. Second, that was simple non-magic euclidean maze. Still worth the try, of course :-)

-Norbert-: Compas ? Get a magnet and try how good is compas in place which can tamper with it. Even magical compases could be fooled by good enough maze.

Pulse: Of course, if available .. but usually such stuff is available only to creator of maze.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Thank you for the bricks, Mith and Alien! They're... brick-like!
Wonderful... reminds me of various butterfly collections.

Banarok says:

just how where they gonna tear the wall down, i doubt banging it with the sword would do the trick really . . .

Someguy says:

Is that a lightbulb hanging over her head in the last panel?

Tonic says:

It occurs to me that if you can make a magical maze with moving walls, and you're trying to keep someone out, you'd just make a magical wall that only let's authorized people through.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Banarok: Never doubt the awesome power of AYNE!!! *dramatic crescendo*
Or they could tell Feiht there's chocolate on the other side of the wall... their choice.

Prior Semblance says:

If you use the magnifier you can see more of that magical light rocks in the 2nd to last panel.

hkmaly says:

Goldword: Feith is currently missing.

Tonic: You don't want to keep someone out. You want to keep him trapped inside the maze.

... says:

Violence is't always the answer.

Some times it's the question.

Silverwolf says:

Easiest way to deal with the maze? I'd say some well-placed explosives should do the trick. Although around here I'm wondering when they run into David Bowie.

journeyman says:

"They" also say that you can't argue with a brick wall... Incidentally, I think this negates her previous win over the God of Irony. ;)

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