Dragon Or Not, Here I Come
Chasing the Sunset
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Jeremiah says:

What? No explosions? That's not Leaf.

Sir Gawain says:

Somehow, I don't think we've seen the last of it...

Reiver says:

You wanna bet? His shtick is not 'explosions', it's 'you weren't supposed to /do/ that...'

In that light, it makes perfect sense. ;)

Osk says:

perfect solution, but as usual not the one that would be expect according to "reasonable alternatives"

alpaca says:

up to leaf to trick a dragon in leaving you, and probably meaning it too...

InBetween says:

haha, love the alt text :D

Silk says:

maybe the dragon can change its size at will to blend in better, who knows what powers dragons posess?

MML says:

Glee! Awesome update. :D *agrees with InBetween about the alt text* I take it it applies to the hole as well.. albeit in a slightly different sense..

Pulsy says:

Just like Leaf to make Malv lose his extrordinary house-dragon in just a few unlucky words. :D

firelander says:

explosion is feiht, leaf is not-logic

Nebra Reppalk says:

So, should Malvenicus (kra-ka-toowwww) be worried about that dragon coming for revenge?

Tonic says:

I wonder what Malv said to get the dragon to stay in the first place? Probably Leaf calibar logic if it coul be conviced to leave so easily.

MadMann135 says:

If being a mage doesn't pan out Leaf could be a politician... his words are clear and confusing at the same time. ...not to mention he is innately good at disarming situations without the need of violence.

Vinom, the god-king says:

This makes an odd sort of sense...

Jen says:

I think the dragon doesn't hear so well!

Icala says:

Or perhaps the windows make what's inside look larger than it is. You know... "Objects in window are smaller than they appear."

Sitara says:

That's "in rearview mirror."

The world is Lief's rearview mirror.

Vinom, the God-King says:

Considering it's a magical noneuclidian castle we're lucky that wall leads out...

Tonic says:

For a dragon it'd better lead out. I doubt the dragon would give up after breaking just one wall, and these walls are intimatable.

Abeo says:

I was thinking the exact same thing as Leaf. Looks like we were both wrong.

Skreyola says:

Hehehe... Leaf's logic is unassailable. He will win any argument of logic. Not necessarily ones of force or determination.

hkmaly says:

The shrinking of castle doesn't need to mean any shrinking of its content.

Silk: In many worlds dragons ARE capable of shrinking - even to human size (also, they can change shape, on a completely unrelated note :-)). The World That Is doesn't seem to belong to them, through.

Tonic: I second that. The wall might not lead out before, - it might only react fast.

Nebra: Expect ? Yes. Worry ? No. This dragon doesn't seem so dangerous. After all, he was magister's pet for a while and didn't notice it :-)

Nebra Reppalk says:

I mean, even with the budget cuts it's still not a good idea to have a dragon pissed at you.

amuletts says:

Haha, I loved how the dragon cries out as well. The lighting looks incredable.

Winterbay says:

For an example of shrinking dragons take a look at Terry Pratchetts book "Guards Gueards" where dragons are described as living in a parallell dimension and very packed together :)

The Thoracle says:

Maybe he was supposed to defeat the dragon dragon anyway. . . Typical Leaf, solving a problem by working outside the parameters of the situation.

Orca says:

Or the dragon is his version of Myhrad.

Alric says:

So when if Feiht going to make a re-appearance? Just when you thought it was safe to say the name Malvanicus "Kra kra kow!!!"

Alric says:

Hmm, wonder if we're going to see the hoard that this "evil dragon was guarding"

Alric says:

So, Leaf is talking to himself out loud - what's that the 1st sign of...? :D

hkmaly says:

Alric: Talking to himself out loud is safe. Problem is when you start arguing with yourself.

ME!!! says:

to hkmaly: then I have a lot of probelms.

l says:

Maybe it isn't the castle that shrinks, but the world that gets bigger... or maybe the snowglobe is just a portable, use anytime transportation spell... or maybe everything in the castle is shrunk by the spell... or maybe it isn't supposed to make sense... or maybe it is none of the above!!!
I like being spontaneous!

... says:

Funny, Leaf said Malvenicus without any sound effects. Okay, so there was a crash right after when the dragon broke through the wall, but still...

hkmaly says:

l: I see the concept of noneuclidian geometry is hard for some readers ... perhaps some example everyone can try: take a list of paper (A4 or letter size). Its much wider that matchbox and its much higher that matchbox, correct ? Still, it DOES fit inside it. Without any shrinking or cuting. You only need to fold it several times.

Mithandir says:

You're right ... I completely forgot the thunder

Silverwolf says:

Dragon: "I'm what? The magister told me I was a Union Employee!"

Phenoca says:

He said Malvenicus! Where's the - yeah!

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