Space Cooties
Chasing the Sunset
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jack says:

Aliens exsist! and they're using orbital ballistic obliesks!

winner says:

put down that thigh bone leaf

Odo says:

dummm, dummmm, dummmm.... ta dummm!
Space cooties...
ROFL. (Not literally, of course, but figuratively.)

Loved the "If you stay does the pixie..." Now there's a clear motivation for them to help our heroes.

And very glad to see things back onto some sort of schedule.

Odo says:

And I just noticed that Feiht is *carving* grafitti on the rock in the last panel

-Norbert- says:

To me it looks more like she's mining an emerald (or some other green gem) out of that rock.

Darius Drake says:

I take it that the oen with sharp sides isn't talking because she doesn't know how to vibrate the right way to make the sound that Leaf and the gang would interpret as speech?

I am, of course, assuming that their speach is verbal, instead of sending messages straight into the brain thought either magic or psychic powers.

Lee says:

Ahem. "Cavalry". No e.

Someguy says:

Cavalery is how the elves say it. In elven.

Lantaro says: god. a 2001 reference? YES!!!

Vorlonagent says:

...check out those measurments!


RocksMapsandCrafts says:

That's hilarious! SPACE COOTIES! I love it!

Anakha says:

Indeed, YES!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Run, Leaf, run from the monolith that serves as an evolutionary catalyst. RUN!

Golux says:

Leaf better get out of there. He'll be waving a thighbone around and making ook ook noises. I would imagine that's how it works, the Monolith finds smart evolved beings, sucks the intelligence and then flies off to find tribal monkeys to neurologically enhance.

hkmaly says:

Golux: No. Actually, if Leaf would stick around the monolith, we will get the Sorcer-Mecha-Sayan "Fury" Leaf. Which might be even worse ...

Zela says:

........................... @_@7
Also Sprach Zarathustra for everyone!

Golux says:

I'd be wanting to travel to a separate partitioned universe then... Oy!

Ultrainventor says:

I believe the term is monolith. in Spore the game it causes a species to evolve rapidly into the space stage.

Ultrainventor says:

... Dang... I always repeat what has already been said.

Antonymous says:

Don't touch the monolith, Leaf, you'll develop technology!

Lantaro says:

The's filled with stars....

Brafisra says:

Long live Arthur C. Clark!

Pulsy says:

Monolith! Rock cavalry! Pet rocks! lmao this comic is especially hilarious XD

Rose says:

Why couldn't his pet rock speak? :< And-uh... wth are space cooties? xD

Lee says:

Someguy: You mean elves are cavalier about spelling???

Ashley says:

It used to be considered a sign of high education if you could spell the same word multiple ways.

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