Receive Thy Knowledge
Chasing the Sunset
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Glass says:


Ahikam says:


woulv says:

i would have done the same thing...

Zaranthan says:

I will add to the library a treatise on cooperation. Some of these green fellows really don't know the value of teamwork.

zevm says:

Heh, good comic. Also, I love the costume ideas but how will you ever be able to get enough legs on the luggage? :D

Mithandir says:

We're going to limit ourselves to about a dozen legs :)

Golux says:

Heh, good ole Rincewind and The Luggage... Enjoy!

Dark Dragon says:

Ayne's expression in the second to last panel is perfect! So much win!

Elvende says:

Gotta be careful with the Luggage, make sure it doesn't eat anyone ;P

Lee...? says:

Marginal Dinosaur Comics reference?

GDA says:

Did anybody else see this coming from, like, three comics back? The destrying the crystals part?

Chevette Girl says:

OMG, Ayne's face in panel four... LOL

Jinxed44 says:

Yeah, but what are you gonna do, eh? I'd feel sorta annoyed if the glowing green skulls had NOTHING to do with the glowing green ghosts. >.>

Wisknort says:

Whoah! You guys need to make your comment/etc. box in the archive have the same width as the frontpage one! That tiny thing was horrible. (That said, taller is preferred to wider.)
Also, not sure why the news button on this tab group doesn't work. Aaaand... Dates on comics would be nice. So yeah, if you guys do the site yourselves, it'd be nice to see this. If not, bug your web guy into getting it done. (Hopefully it won't mean an entirely new site... That tends to spell loss of comments.) >_>
Tech rant done, for the moment.

Meanwhile, not my first comment, but I've finally caught up. And for some reason not disappointed that there isn't a next button... I should be, since this comic is awesome. Lots of great quotes, from all the party. Oh, yeah, off to spam people on Facebook with it.

Oh yeah, saw the ad with Leaf in the wizard test, about opening a door non-violently. Went "check that out when I'm done trawling my usual webcomics". Proceeded to forget to do this, for over a week, seeing the ad almost every time... Then when I went to look it up, couldn't remember the name. Hooray for trawling TWC and you guys not being >#500.

Alien says:

Yay, new person and one who comments! Welcome, Wisknort!
There should be a small up-arrow button in the top-right of the comments field that expands the comment window. It might not be immediately obvious - or do you think it should be even bigger?
(maybe we should write 'expand' or something next to it...)

Wisknort says:

Oh yeah, I didn't take that into consideration when writing that. However... It breaks if you use it on other or news in the archive (don't know about add comment). Actually, since I'm on another tech rant... The magnifying glass won't disable once enabled. Though I'm guessing this is missing functionality rather than broken functionality. Oh, yeah, is news meant to always go "undefined" and just have "loading" flashing in it?

Wisknort says:

EDIT: Thankyou for the welcome. I forgot to get to this important topic before. >_>

Dark Dragon says:

I think I would like to read the Treatise on Irritation with Mortal Beings someday. I feel like it would be a very loooong list.

kevari says:

kevari says:

lol imagine the conversations that spirit and the dragons could have XD

lord foul says:

anyone got any sapient parawood... all i got's a twig and three splinters

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