Leaves Floating Down a Tree
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Do not try this at home!

ivellios says:

too late

Narissona says:

If I jump out of a tree, will I see an elf? It'd be worth the slap.

Narissona says:

Alien, you are such a party pooper.
Psst: I have a very important message for you in the comments on strip 343

CryptoGirl says:

oooooh. you said DONT try this at home. gotcha. actually, i've been doing that kind of thing since the age of three....

Rendezvous says:

hay alien what are you a role modle and to bad I
already have

Squirt says:

I've also practice this from higher up so I Used to it

*Skittles* says:

party pooper.

Attacking Pixie says:

Alien, you are SUCH a party pooper. I've already done it anyway.

Icy says:

It looks fuuuuuun!

InBetween says:

hu? I should not jump from treetops? But houses are ok, right?

Goldenear777 says:

@ InBetween: try planes, i've heard that's really fun. of course i can't do that because i'm scared of heights.

spark ozzy says:


eric_shadow says:

now that is one classy slap

Who, Me? says:

I am a leaf on the wind; watch me soar! SLAP!

Crestlinger says:

How high up was this? Empire state building? Redwood? Oak?

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