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... why do I think it wasn't actually dragon?

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Mon 25 Jan 16
0:00 MST
Dragon Tea Party

Starting today, we'll be running a children's story on our site, as a warm-up to resuming Chasing the Sunset.

The Dragon Tea Party is a story I wrote for our son Rune's 5th birthday (which was a bit over a week ago).

Some background: here in Belgium it is traditional for kids to give out something to their classmates on their birthday (that is: the kid having the birthday does the giving). Usually candy is given out, but the school and many parents don't like that much, so instead I wrote a children's story and Alien illustrated it, and then we had it printed for Rune to hand out to his classmates.

Before putting him to bed that day, we asked him what had been the best part of the birthday. His answer: giving the gifts to his classmates. :)

You'll be able to read an english translation of this story (the original was in dutch) over the next six weeks. After it is done, we will put up links to pdf versions in English, Dutch and Norwegian.

Keep in mind that this was written for four-to-five year olds, so it's a bit of a younger target audience than our normal comic. Still, I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm sure some of our readers are parents themselves.

I'd put up a picture of the books as they came from the printer, but don't want to give spoilers, so instead here's a picture of Rune's birthday party instead:

Sat 23 Jan 16
1:21 MST
We're alive.

Hey all,

Some of this news post is a bit mushy, scroll down for a TL;DR; if you don't want to read the context to our very long hiatus.

Mithandir here.

It's been a very long time since we've made any updates, and I know some of you have been worried about us. I'm very sorry. I tumbled into a rather deep depression for a prolonged time and am only now getting out of it. That depression killed off my creativity making it impossible to work on comic. Over time it became painful to even think about comic let alone visit the site, because it was yet more proof of my continuing failure.

I have kept my depression pretty secret, even from friends and family (if you are one of those and finding out only now, I'm sorry. I never had the strength to admit problems or seek help), which is one reason I didn't even post any news updates.

I'm slowly getting out of things. For Rune's fifth birthday I finally created something again: I wrote a story for him, which Alien illustrated and I coloured. It was something I had been planning to do for years, and in fact started writing for his fourth birthday, but due to the depression couldn't finish then. However this year I got it done, and I will try to use this accomplishment to restart my other creative projects, including comic.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be publishing a translated version of that story here, at a rate of two pages/week (monday and friday).

We'll be using those 6 weeks to create a buffer for a Chasing the Sunset short story we started during out hiatus about Leaf teaching Myhrad to fly properly.

After that ... we hope to resume the main Chasing the Sunset storyline.

Oh and a bit of housekeeping: commenting now requires recaptcha and we've cleaned out a lot of spam from our archives. It's possible we deleted some existing comments and that some spam remains. It was a bit of a mess.

--- TL;DR; ---

- 6 Weeks of an illustrated story we made for Rune's fifth birthday, Starting monday and running mon/fri
- After that, short story CtS comic
- After that, CtS main storyline resumes

Mithandir out

Sun 29 Sep 13
12:33 MST
Rune sick so comic delayed

Rune suddenly got quite sick yesterday, with 39.6°C fevers (103.3°F) even after anti-fever medication and a lot of pain to one of his ears. We suspect the poor little boy has an ear infection but doctor will be able to tell for sure tomorrow. Either way, it means comic is delayed a bit, sorry.

Wed 11 Jan 12
7:26 MST
Faerie Dragons

Excerpt from "The bestiary of The World That Is" by Wizard Ehm-Al.

When I created my lists of creatures to study, it was with some hesitation that I added Faerie Dragons, and who could blame me: if the stories were true, they were a cross between faeries and dragons (with all the obvious implications) and if they weren't, it would be a wild jabberwock chase. Personally, I believed the whole species a fabrication of somebody who misspelled “fiery dragon” and didn't think I'd ever encounter one.


Tue 3 Jan 12
22:00 MST
The Hell's Pixies

Extract from "Who is Who in The World That Is" by Wizard Ehm-Al.

Much could be said on the subject of the Hell's Pixies, although in truth if one removed all the curses the written material would be considerably shorter.

Note, please, that by curses I mean not merely vulgar language: so many malignant spells have been levelled at this group that should all of them have found their mark, the results would be, shall we say, unpleasant? Of course almost none of these curses worked, or at least worked for very long. The clue is in the name, after all: we are dealing with pixies.


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