10 year anniversary Quiz

How much do you know about Chasing the Sunset? Answer our questions and maybe you can win a prize. But the questions are trickxy ... sometimes there's more than one right answer.

Which main character is the oldest?


What are the main characters looking for?

Leaf's father
Feiht's Shinies
Myhrad's courage
Ayne's anger control
All of the above

How did Leaf acquire the furies?

He's always had them
Got possessed in a wizard's tower
The furies fled Ayne because she was too angry
Feiht summoned them

Why can't Myhrad fly?

He doesn't dare to.
Wings too small.
But ... he can.
Cursed by a chocolate cookie don't ask.

Who is Ja'el?

A robber turned historian
A wizard turned poet
Superman's brother

Why does Rhyme always speak in rhyme?

She was cursed!
She doesn't have to, just choses to.
She doesn't, it's just that when translated from elvish it always happens to rhyme.
Hey, that's not fair! That wasn't revealed yet!

What colour is Myhrad?

Blue with orange stripes,
Orange with blue stripes.
Depends on what Feiht is up to.
Red with white polka dots and pink hearts.
I don't care what he is now, but I liked him best in the purple spider-pattern!

How many furies does Leaf have?

Does Ayne count?

What is the universal pixie summoning spell?

Shinies ahoy!
Why would you summon pixies?

Which of the following did not happen?

Feiht got kidnapped by the voices in her head.
Feiht played tag with herself and lost.
Feiht and Sohac negotiated a contract with the Furies for control of Leaf.
Feiht was turned into a wooden rocking horse.
None of the above did not happen.

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Chasing the Sunset
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