The history of the historian
Chasing the Sunset
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Nemesis says:

Ah nice comic, cool (Night?)-Elf. Heh \"I wrote the original.\" And we see the first Elf ashamed of his age :)

JonMW says:

I want to know what the cause of this fire was. Perhaps a candle knocked over accidentally on purpose.

Moonclaw says:

Yeah, a small fire that was convinetly in your study room...(smile) Great strip, it\'s very funny!

Nao says:

And now we see why you don\'t often run into elven historians...

eekee says:

Good gracious, he is a scary person!

xander says:

Elves would make the best historians, in this regard - they actually live long enough to write history about their childhood.....

Kitten says:

I really like this strip. The expressions on their faces really made everything better, not to mention their body-language. I\'m enjoying every minute of this party ;)

dragonqueencr says:

I aggree with the king/bard. A historian who constantly corrects your stories can be quite annoying. Also i wonder how big HIS tree is. ^O^

Queenie J says:

Maybe elf chicks don\'t dig older men or something. I dunno. Love Leaf\'s facial expressions in this comic, though.

Mimir says:


NekoHitori says:

...bloody Drow...

Blik says:

Questions: Why would an elf WANT to be a historian? A storyteller would be much better, and the elf would have more experience from which to draw than would the bard/king. (Bard-King. \"Bing\"?) ...\"King Dersil\"...? Isn\'t the saying that those in power write history? So is this Ja\'el one of the main \"advisors\" behind Dersil\'s throne? And how does Leaf\'s hair ALL fit through that TEENY ponytail-thing?

JonMW says:

To the comment of Ja\'el\'s tree, I suspect that it\'s aaaaaaalmost as big as an Xbox controller. Zing! And Leaf\'s hair... hmm. He probably needed a winch to get it that tight. He\'d need three every time he wanted to plait it.

crazyninny says:

Just for the record, I\'m kidnapping the Historian. *kidnappes, and runs off(

Arithon says:

Heh, old man is a pyro! I like him, even if he is a histotrian. *Shudders* Oh and bards must have a lot of trouble with them that is for sure with their smarts and their \'facts\' that they weild without mercy.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:


Tinu. says:

a fire in his study? that seems very convieniant :D

Zane_TheForgottenOne says:

ya \"located\"....aka bucket with fireball in side lol ^^\'

True-Chaos says:

Waaa! I want comics! =P /waves /hugs

Alien says:

True-Chaos! Where have you been? We were worried you had died or something. Come back! We miss you!

dragyn says:

Aye! Welcome back! Also, it\'s good to hear you say something, Alien!

Alien says:

Whee-boing! *runs and hides*

Dragyn says:

Ah, also good to see you doing something!

True-Chaos says:

I\'ll think about it. The problem is that the only time I can sit and chat is at work. And the last thing I need is something else to do from work other than work :)

Arithon says:

Alien! Good to see your comments again! YAY ^_^

Arithon says:

Fire! PRETY FIRE! (Pyro here if you couldn\'t tell... my whole family is pyro, well at least my brother sister and I are. I am not sure if my parents are pyros...)

crazyninny says:

I wonder if Mithandir poem is a clue? Strangest, I have to do an art project on Dragons.... Freaky.....

dragyn says:

You -have- to do an art project on dragons? That\'s so unfair! All the art projects I get assigned are things like \"draw this cow skull I found in the desert a long time ago\". Okay. I\'ll stop complaining now.

dragyn says:

Also, I have no idea what his poem means. Now I have to look into it.

crazyninny says:

It sucks really... Everyone is doing same old lame-dragons. I, on the other hand, want to draw one that is out-of the box. Something that no-one else will do... A origanal one!

Arithon says:

I quit art my teacher was saying how she didn\'t grade us on how good our art was but on creativity, but then she gave me an f on a project saying it wasn\'t well done. I also quit cause I can\'t see out my left eye which makes it hard for me to draw. So I do some other art form... Writing stories!

Arithon says:

Alien did you see my post before for you? Or did Mithandir tell you?

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Don\'t give up! I love Chasing the Sunset, it\'s always been my favourite elf-based web-comic and I wanna find out if they ever find Leaf\'s dad! I know what comics can be like. Sometimes I sit down to draw another page of \'Tagged\' (My own comic) and am like \'why am iI doing this?\' but I think it\'s worth it to keep on in there. I\'m going to link to your comic in my blog, and say it\'s a good comic, because it is.

dragyn says:

I\'ve already linked to you from my site, and I\'ve mentioned CtS on the Xepher forums, so I think I\'ve done all I can for now. If I think of any more to do, I\'ll do it! The comics are great! I\'ll stop rambling, now.

Bastet says:

Love the expression on Ja'el's face in the 5th panel!

Jynx says:

agree with Bastet and would like to say:
ME LIKE HOT DROW HISTORIAN!!! *snaps awake*...that was uncharacteristic...

Bubbles says:

Wow this is strange

JuneBug says:

I REALY like Ja'el.

Amagica says:

Gotta say, the 6th panels is awesome. I mean, really really REALLY great! The expression, the dialogue, everything was rocking. His outfit is also very interesting, but the green doesn't go too well with it. Ah, but that's my opinion. Perhaps he likes the clash? :shrugs: Anyway, great comic, love the story, can't wait for more.

hailstorm says:


Nayru9572 says:

I don't need to rewrite history. I wrote the original. Am I the only one who love those sentences?

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