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DrygonWhat's that on the floor? Hair?
EdorFausNice image. Sad, though...
Makes me think of a young boy having been teased for his long hair and ears(young elf living with humans?), and, wanting to fit in, he tried to cut both off...
Kids can be *so* cruel sometimes...
xanderyes, it does look like things were shortened....
Kittenreally sad. I got a tear in my eye after reading edorfaus comment... well drawn alien.
Eikan*blinks* is that blood on his shoulder? O.O ;_;
PixieJessicaI am thinking how could us humans be so mean?
AdaeHumans are stupid a lot of the time. *Thinks she is really an elf*
KellsYeah, I have to agree with EdorFaus...with all of it.

Anyway, as depressing as this is, it's a great drawing.
TL Wyvrenit was a pidgon! (blopt)
Dryg0npidgon?blopt? what arrr you talking about, Wyvren?
TL Wyvrenbird crap
Dryg0n... ah
raisinThis makes me feel BAD! Which is a good thing, you know, because it made me feel, and good pictures are supposed to do that.
MoonMinxowww, looks much as i feel sorry for him, that kid is stupid( no offense, Alien)
Blue Riverlike Van Gogh cut off his ear. good pic. portrays emotion. Personally I very much dislike human kind......or at least most of it
Dryg0nLooks like he's wearing a straight jacket.


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