Spiky menace

Umla, half elven fighter. Soldier of balance, mercenary and bounty hunter.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThat head is awfully small, I know. Not gonna try to explain it away, I made a big mistake.
lnp4668That explains Umla's denseness and desire to kill everythings that move.
KittenHehe.. Allways liked this picture, maybe because the small makes me laugh, because it's cute, Alien! Don't be mad at me now.
Kittenhead.. hehe, the head..
AlienLol. I'm not mad, but if she ever heard you calling her cute, ooh, you'd be so in pieces :P
KnightIronErr.. I don't think she'll be using those to weapons in battle simulteanously.
The armor is nicely done and the little scar on the eye is a subtle touch.
SilverwolfOMG...it's Leaf on a steroid overdose!!!
krazzyheads to small buts to big
krazzynice weapon choices....
krazzyyou know knightiron she could do a sweeping motion to defend from all sides...
Empress Catriona of the Cat PeopleIt's leaf! After he's been got at by the Hell's Pixies.
bookbookhe scares me. he's scariful.
FaticiaLOL Silverwolf! That is great! Nice job on the armor, though.


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